Bastian Monk

Half-Elf Wizard, Occupation: Scribe, Lawful Good


HP: 23
AC: 16
Weapons: Dagger, orb of implementation
Armor: Leather


Bastian hails from The Vale, a kingdom surrounded by mountains and sea considered to be the refugee camp of the world. He grew up in the city of Isenvale to Varis, an elf, and Ellie, a human. Varis was the chief scribe to Darnat, Lord of Isenvale, and Ellie was a practicing sorcerer and herbalist. Monk grew up in a household where he was apprenticed by both his father and his mother to become knowledgeable in a great many areas of study. Under his mother’s instruction, Monk learned a great deal about arcana, wielding magic, and spellcasting. Under his father’s coaching, he had learned a great deal about literature, art, science, and scripture. When he came of age, Monk decided to leave home to travel abroad and gain more experience as a scribe and as a person.

Bastian Monk

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