City of Baldemar

Welcome to the City!!

All 7 adventurers were invited to Port City by mysterious letters that had appointments with contacts on them.

The adventure opened with the adventurers aboard the NoName, a ship headed by Zahara. Everything was as it should be. The PCs gambled, slept, and drank their way into the night.Once night fell and all but one PCs were asleep (Travis’ brilliant stealth, gay, just plain funny mini encounter), the ship was attacked.

Well, we kinda won!!…with treasure!!

PCs arrive at their destination in search of the hotel that they are ALL staying at….ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TOWN. On the small journey over, the PCs discovered the smithy, the herbalist, among other trades along the route.

HOTEL ARRIVAL!!! Assignment of rooms….

The appointments for each PC began, leaving 2 PCs jobless.

Well, all hope wasn’t lost because on the back of each letter was part of a cypher. After many hours of deliberating, bickering, and nuclear war, we solved it!!!



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