City of Baldemar

Starting an Uprising.

This time in The City of Baldemar!
We met on the bridge at midnight, there we met the master of the Thieves Guild.
Altair showed his true potential by grappling beneath the bridge to find the master of the Thieves Guild, clinging under the bridge with his bare hands!

We were recruited to gain the loyalty of the Warren lords and give a message to one of them, Bahdler, who was at a brothel. Altair successfully delivered the message to him and left.
From this we split up into two groups.

Bastian Monk went to his interview with Otto a scribe in the city with close ties to the council.
Orsic, Keira, and Shade went to the amazing tavern the Gutted Pegasus and while there gained information on Gondril and Moheam(who is one of the warren lords). They soon learned that the two are at war with each other.
Kylar, Altiar and Grendale went to see Moheem at his home/place of work. There they figured out that the dog of the family had gone missing days before hand. After they had departed from Moheam’s house the three gathered intel on where the dog Sebastian might be held.

Night at the Dog fights:
The adventurers regrouped at Marks End inn. From there info was shared and a vote to go to Gondril’s dog fighting ring was unanimous. While heading to the kennel where the fights were held the darkest and quietest trail was taken to avoid conflict with bandits and or guards. When the kennel was reached we carefully broke in. We were caught in a trap as bouncers came rushing in to cease our reclamation of Moheam’s dog Sebastian. After an epic fight the new companions overcame the trap at the kennel and delivered to Moheam his dog. Thus gaining him as an ally to combat the council.

The next ally shall be Zahara:
The day after the climactic battle Bahdler was sent to give us our next task.
We were to travel to an undead filled valley to reclaim a map to show our worth to Zahara so she shall ally with us in the fight against the tyranny that has befallen Baldemar. On the way to the target, a burnt and ransacked caravan was found lying on the side of a road. Through following the tracks into the woods we found the body of one of the travelers strung up in the trees. After giving a proper burial to the person we again set out towards the valley.

Arrival at the valley filled with living corpses:
We ended in epic combat against the undead. What shall befall the heroes? only the gods can tell



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